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9: If you're not a chef, keep it simple and don't try anything too risky."He's a really good cook," noted Bosia of Johnston."I'm fair," his friend demurred."Well, he knows how to play to his skills," Bosia said."I like to braise," said Johnston, "and I don't think there's anything wrong with a nice roast chicken."The group sat down at the table and Obranovich served up the first course of watermelon radish gratin topped with kale salad. Ruby Leslie recalled a dinner party during which a guest spit out a new recipe she was trying out. The meal continued with hearty plates of choucroute accompanied by three different kinds of mustard and a German pinot blanc.

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Yes, Kenan searches to confront old enemies, but what he finds instead are "flickers of goodness that must be remembered." That the most significant parts of his life in Bosnia, he rediscovers—and re-remembers—were not filled with hate, but rather filled with "exactly enough" love—the people that helped him and his family survive.

Ingredients for the evening’s icebreaker, which Mike Bosia had dubbed the Ginepro Americano, referring to the Italian name for the juniper in the Vermont-distilled gin and Cocchi Americano, an Italian aperitif wine, he was using. The couple took it all in stride, highlighting Rule No.

When the Bosnian civil war approaches the small town of Brćko, the life of 11-year-old Kenan changes overnight.

His teacher holds him at gunpoint in the middle of the street, his Karate coach shuns him and his next-door neighbor loots his family's belongings from their home.

The couple has lived and traveled around the world and their stylish apartment is beautifully appointed with furniture, art, books and tablewares gathered from Paris, Italy, New Orleans and India, among other places.

Their style is rustic but also refined, soft surfaces complementing sharp angles. In a small space, especially, you're constantly running into each other.""The whole evening is about doing a dance," said Obranovich.

Hinting that it was against his better judgement, Obranovich also noted that he had ceded appetizers to Bosia.

A light assortment of nuts, pickled vegetables and crackers were arranged artfully on a low table in front of the sofa.

"It's like a party of shapes and textures," said Johnston. Dessert was a gluten-free version of the French-Canadian classic pouding chomeur topped with maple coconut chips and cream hand-whipped tableside by Bosia.

Asked if she would like another serving, Ruby Leslie replied, "No, I still have my plate to lick."Rule No.10: Your dinner party has been a success if guests want to lick their plates.

Now, 20 years later, Kenan's an American citizen living in Queens, New York, and honoring his aging father's wish to revisit their homeland—but only because he seeks revenge against the people that wronged his family.

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