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Gabriel Cousens* Optimum Health Institute - In San Diego, CA and Austin, TX Chet - Chet has many informative articles about health & raw foods.

Station 22: YHSWH A Simple Overview of The Divine Name YHSh WH Jewish Encyclopedia: Tetragrammaton Cornwell: Alpha & Omega: Names of God The Meaning of the Tetragrammaton Yahweh's name in the Dead Sea Scrolls Jeff Spiegel: Names of God Apiryon: The Formula of Tetragrammaton in the Gnostic Mass Qumran Bet Teshuvah: The Sacred Name Yasha Net: Library Yasha Net: The Unique Name of God YAHUAHSHUA The Messiah Jewish Encyclopedia: Tetragrammaton The Nazarene Way: Essenes, Gospel of the Holy Twelve The Truth Regarding Sacred Titles The Creator's Sacred Name Directory Eliyah's Home Page Ebionite Jewish Community Eradication of the Name in the New Testament What do the letters "INRI" on the crucifix mean?

Two Jehovahs of the Pentateuch: Scriptural Evidence of the Duality of God The Sacred Name Game: An expos on the Hebrew Roots/Sacred Name Movement Ia HUe H's Kingdom Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int'l (Hebrew Roots) Doug Mason: Witnessing The Name The Institute for Scripture Research YHWH I Will Praise Eesa: In the Name of Jesus?

Ecovillages allow people to experience their spiritual connection to the living earth.

People enjoy daily interaction with the soil, water, wind, plants and animals.

: An Etymological and Historical Analysis Regarding the True Name of the Nazarene Messiah (2) Theosophy: The Christian Scheme: Satan=Jehovah God's Sacred Name YHWH YAHWEH NISSI (is my banner) Paleotimes: YHWH's Word from Ancient Times Mission to Israel: Sacred Names of God Interlinear Bible and Lexicons Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon Crosswalk: Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon Greek/Hebrew Interlinear Crosswalk's Bible Study Tools The Hebrew Bible in Hebrew w/English Translation Chumash w/search Chumash Intelligent Concept Search (alt site) Hebrew Language Resouces/Interlinear Genesis Jewish Publication Society Bible Tanach (Masoretic) New Testament in Hebrew Shamash: Tanach Directory: Divrei Torah -- Commentaries; Hebrew Text of the Tanach Torah in Hebrew Levsoft: Serve-A-Verse : The Hebrew Bible Explorer Net Bible Gutenberg Bible Online 1939 Biblica Hebraica Sacred Texts: Hypertext Bible: KJV, Vul, Gnt, Tanach, JPS, transliterated * JPS Tanakh HTML Bibles JSouce: Online Torah Virtual Bibles Free Bible: Free Bible Softare Crown Diamond: Paleo-Hebrew Torah in Gif Format O-Bible: Interlinear, KJV, Basic English, GB, Big5 Simtel Bible Collection World English Bible Unbound Bible (50 versions) w/search & tools Hebrew Names Version Holy Names Version of OT/NT Naves Topical Bible Index Bible Study Tools Bible Tools: Strongs and Vines New Testament Gateway Greek New Testament Browsable (fontless) Greek New Testament Searchable Greek New Testament Search/Compare Multiple Bible Versions Greek NT Westcott-Hort text from 1881, combined with the NA26/27 variants Gospels and Acts in Greek Little Greek 101: Learning New Testament Greek Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway St.

Shenouda: Coptic Corner: Bohairic/Coptic NT Audio Bible: KJV Narrated by Alexander Scourby Dead Sea Scrolls Orion Center: Study of the Dead Sea Scroll & Related Literature United Bible Societies Gospelcom: Bible Gateway Blue Letter Bible Spirit and Truth Bible Resources: Bibles, BDB, Strongs Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Liddell-Scott Lexicon Online Easton Bible Skeptic's Annotated Bible Peshitta Aramaic/English Interlinear New Testament Greek OT/NT Lexicon (w/sound) Hebrew Lexicon (by letter) (w/sound) Bible Dictionary Jewish Virtual Libary: Holy Scriptures United Bible Societies Resources Bible Collections and Resources Gospel According to John AFII: Orthodox Jewish Bible Project Full texts by recognized religious scholars Arabic Bible: OT/NT in Arabic Online Audio Resources Postmodern Bible: Amos: Hebrew-English-Multimedia | Introduction to Amos Exploring Religion - In depth coverage of 5 major religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism Religion News Service - Providing news and information on all faiths and religious movements Religious Movements Page - Explore a variety of reigious beliefs, cults, and sects in today's culture Worldwide Faith News - Full text official news releases from 25 national and world faith groups Ecclesiastical Calendar - Calculate the dates of religious festivals and link to related information Holidays on the Net - History and celebrations for major religious and secular holidays Interfaith Calendar - Primary sacred times for world religions, 2001-2006 Passover on the Net - History, music, recipes, and activities for the family Religious Calendars and Holy Days - Lists the main holy days of the eight largest faith in the U. Bible Gateway - Search by passage or keyword in nine translations Bible Notes - Summaries of books of the Old and New Testament Early Church Documents - The Institute for Christian Leadership presents Internet-accessible files relating to the early church, including canonical documents, creeds, and other historical texts Internet Sacred Text Archive - Significant primary texts relating to religion, mythology and folklore KJV Bible Search - Search full text or browse specific book of the King James Version The Koran - Search by word or phrase or browse each chapter Review of Biblical Literature - Sponsored by the Society of Biblical Literature, a professional association for scholars in the field of biblical studies Scrolls From the Dead Sea - Explore the historical context of the scrolls and the Qumran community and read full text passages Unbound Bible - A collection of searchable Bibles, including 10 English versions, Greek and Hebrew versions and 42 versions in other languages All About Mormons - Over 3,000 pages covering beliefs, practices, culture, and history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints The American Jewish Committee - Advancing religious, ethnic and racial understanding worldwide The Amish, the Mennonites and the Plain People - Basic facts about lifestyle and beliefs Anglicans Online - Comprehensive, international resources on the Anglican Church The Baha'i World - Explore the teachings, leaders, and activities of this widespread faith Baptist World Alliance - Unites Baptists from over 200 countries worldwide Buddhist Information Network - A electronic meeting place of shared concern and interests for people committed to the Buddha's teachings and lifestyle Catholic Encyclopedia - Information on the entire cycle of Catholic interests, action and doctrine Catholic Online - Center for the exchange of information from angels to worldwide news The Church of Christ, Scientist -- Questions and answers, history, publications, and current news Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Basic beliefs, family resources and current news Covenant of the Goddess - One of the largest and oldest Wiccan religious organizations THE DHAMMA WHEEL MEDITATION SOCIETY Through knowledge and meditation we hope to help people realize self-understanding and wisdom Jewish Directory - Listing for over 3000 Jewish organizations in 75 countries Judaism & Jewish Resources - Carefully updated index to a wide variety of web sites Nation Of Islam - History and profiles of leaders; current news and activities Orthodox Church in America - Information on the Eastern Orthodox faith in North America Pluralism Project - Extensive directory of religious centers in the U. not including Christian and Jewish centers Project Genesis - An online Jewish community with educational programs, special events and topics Shamash: The Jewish Network - Central point for Jewish information and discussion; hosted by Hebrew College Unitarian Universalist Association - Principles and purposes, church directory, organizational structure and discussion group for newcomers United Church of Christ - Directory of news, information, events and churches World Council of Churches - Current news and background representing Christian traditions in 120 countries worldwide Zoroastrianism and Avesta - The text of the extant Avesta, the most ancient scriptures of Zoroastrianism and other useful information for students of the Zoroastrian religion Bulfinch's Mythology -- Searchable full-text of this classic text with information about the author The Encyclopedia Mythica -- Online since 1995, covers 5000 gods, goddesses and other beings along with mythology, folklore and legends Windows to the Universe - Discover the gods and goddesses of different cultures around the world Episteme Links - Thousands of links to important philosophy resources EServer Philosophy - full-texts of classical works from the University of Washington Hippias -- Peer-reviewed search engine for philosophy-related resources on the web Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy -- Articles from public domain sources and original contributions by professional philosophers Noesis: Philosophical Research On-Line - An indexing and accrediting project dedicated to organizing the philosophical content of the Internet Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - A "dynamic" resource updated regularly by experts in the field.

Chicago: Abzu: Oriental Research Archives Achaeminid Royal Inscriptions Classic Music Archives Immanuel Velikovsky Archive Immanuel Velikovsky: In the Beginning Free Symbol Definintions & Graphics Real Magick: Occult Library Jorge Luis Borges: The Garden of Forking Paths Gabriel: National Libraries of Europe Classical Music Midi Archive Cosma Shalizi: Bactra: Occasional Reviews Jim Loy: Book Reviews Museum of the History of Science Great Thinkers and Visionaries The Jerusalem Armenian Database: texts in Classical and Medieval Armenian Ralph Waldo Emerson Texts Bodleian Library: MS. 48: Dante, Divine Comedy: Inferno: 55 scanned color illustrations Bodleian Library: MS. 48: Dante, Divine Comedy: Purgatorio: 56 scanned color illustrations Bodleian Library: MS. 48: Dante, Divine Comedy: Paradiso: 36 scanned color illustrations The Divine Comedy The English Emblem Book Project: Guide for translating symbolism in Renaissance art The Iconologia of Cesare Ripa Finnegans Web A Webified version of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake - Site by Nature's First Law on raw food.

Premier Raw Fooders of the World - Some of the leading people in raw foods.

Shirley's Wellness Cafe - Nicely done site with many more links Loving-Foods - Restaurant in Hawaii, good information.

San Francisco Living Foods Enthusiasts - Oldest Living Food Support Group Live Food Lifestyle - Resources for living foods. Fruitarian Network - Information about fruitarianism Heal Self - Teaches people how to heal themselvses naturally Rawfood club on yahoo - Discussions, sharing of info and tips on raw food diet.

Bibliotheca Religiosa Intra Text Source for Religious Texts Esoteric Text Archive (sadly, on Geocities) Subru: Ancient Wisdom: Alchemy, Mysticism, Neoplatonism, Gnostic, Islam SYMBOLOS: Revista internacional de Arte - Cultura - Gnosis Ancient Near Eastern Myth and History Okeanos: Ancient Near Eastern Studies Encyclopedia - California Institute for Ancient Studies Ancient Texts Religious Studies and Spirituality" Christian Churches of God: Alphabetic Index Karl W.

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