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This led to a series of controversies, culminating in a 60 Minutes feature in which Gary Gygax appeared and, unfortunately, did a spectacularly hapless job of defending the hobby on the show.The Tom Hanks movie Mazes and Monsters, which popularized the suicide of James Egbert III, a disturbed boy who was a gamer, along with other media exposure like the 60 Minutes interview caused some questions about the game in non-religious circles as well, which caused religious efforts to ban the game to get much less resistance than would usually be experienced.

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Keep in mind that in the Christian faith, thinking about committing a sin is sinful in and of itself.

Matthew : And he said, “What comes out of a person is what defiles him.

They tried to keep such language less religiously charged until the late 1990s.

Counterattacks were mounted by gaming groups - Michael Stackpole wrote pieces like this one rebutting and discrediting Pat Pulling.

TSR sold $20 million worth of product in 1982 alone!

Since D&D talks about pagan gods and sorcery and whatnot, and it was a high profile target that would add to media attention, it was immediately picked up on as a target by certain parties like Patricia Pulling and William Schnoeleben who crusaded against the game publicly.

Various people, mostly of dubious authenticity, testified to being victims or perpetrators of various "old school" Satanic/witchcraft kinds of activities.

Not all of this was false, of course, as there's freaks in every time period, and the publicity caused some amount of copycatting (little different from the spread of TM/Yoga in the 1960s, for example).

While in high school, a classmate introduced us to MAGUS, a fantasy RPG popular in Hungary.

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