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This led to a series of controversies, culminating in a 60 Minutes feature in which Gary Gygax appeared and, unfortunately, did a spectacularly hapless job of defending the hobby on the show.The Tom Hanks movie Mazes and Monsters, which popularized the suicide of James Egbert III, a disturbed boy who was a gamer, along with other media exposure like the 60 Minutes interview caused some questions about the game in non-religious circles as well, which caused religious efforts to ban the game to get much less resistance than would usually be experienced.(v.) To act and speak as if you are the character you're portraying.

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Ancient History The Church was initially quite uncomfortable with acting and theater back in the early ADs, and with fiction writing in general as well.

It was hard for them to distinguish fiction from lying (see the movie Galaxy Quest for more).

The Committee for the Advancement of Roleplaying Games was founded in 1987 to combat people trying to discredit RPGs.

Today As the satanic panic died down, the reaction against D&D did as well, though like any urban myth it still lingers.

Of course magic and worshiping spirits and whatnot are all mentioned in the Bible and considered both quite real and sinful in traditional Christianity, so sinning in the mind.

And worshipping gods other than God is one of those "Christianity 101" no-nos.

Various people, mostly of dubious authenticity, testified to being victims or perpetrators of various "old school" Satanic/witchcraft kinds of activities.

Not all of this was false, of course, as there's freaks in every time period, and the publicity caused some amount of copycatting (little different from the spread of TM/Yoga in the 1960s, for example).

While in high school, a classmate introduced us to MAGUS, a fantasy RPG popular in Hungary.

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