Rules for dating a biker

Motorcycles and alcohol—even if it’s just one beer —never mix.

Someone looking to impress you with punctuality, chivalry, and savoir-faire? A motorcyclist will show up late, with grease under his nails, full of apologies and clutching a bouquet of pre-wrapped, doghouse roses that he picked up at the market on the way over. Hell, we might even be able to make rent this month, baby! The only riders willing and able to be sugar daddies are your father’s golfing buddies. Don’t Expect to Talk About Anything But Bikes “Honey, I’m sure you had a rough day at the office.

But lemme tell you about the move this Jackwagon on the 405 tried to pull on my way over here!

This means that the bike won’t steer as nimbly or brake as quickly over a short distance.

A new motorcycle rider will not yet have the experience to understand these dynamics.

It can be tempting to involve your children in all aspects of your life, especially if you have sole custody and don’t get much time away from your children.

However, this can be detrimental to the emotional wellbeing of your children. Your children should be your priority in all things. Instead, make sure you work your dates around your children’s schedules and see him or her when you have spare time.

Instead, expect to end up getting to know each other better over a mess o’ribs at Steak N’ Steer. We’re Taking Your Car Unless you’re willing to have a major hair-do altering experience, you should expect to drive.

Check that: You should expect to hand over the keys to your car.

Beyond the hot bike, the cool clothes, and the devil-may-care attitude, your biker guy likely has a slew of things higher on his priority list than you. Right Biker, beware: here are a few things of which you might want to be wary. We’re Probably Wearing Jeans If you were hoping for a romantic, candlelit meal at a tres-fancee restaurant, forget it.

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