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PHOTOS: Hollywood's Favorite Chefs Situated just across a Ferrari-festooned parking lot from Nobu -- Malibu’s dining debutante last summer -- Nikita shares its neighbor’s penchant for teak wood, minimalist stonework, giant glass panes and a generally understated Zen vibe.Dinner reservations were booked out all week, although the restaurant was only lightly occupied; management seemed to be purposefully easing into dinner service. The menu, by chef Massimiliano Blasone (previously of the Michelin-starred Apsley's in London), is Italian-inclined Mediterranean through a Californian lens.In February Mr Ellison's love of danger had him steering Sayonara to winning its class in the Sydney to Hobart race that left six yachtsmen dead.

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But Bill Gates of Microsoft remains his arch-rival, someone he is determined to outmanoeuvre.

The computer world watches in fascination and few would predict the long-term outcome.

When Wall Street wobbled last week as Internet stocks including the mighty had a shake-out, shares in the highly profitable Oracle held firm.

But Mr Ellison was a relatively late convert to the Internet enthusiasts club.

Larry Ellison, the founder and chairman of the international giant Oracle, is one of the most interesting figures in tech.

Whether yacht racing or buying whole Hawaiian islands or trash-talking competitors, it's always a wonder to see what Ellison will do next.

At Cowes, Mr Ellison appeared happy to share sporting glory with media tycoon Ted Turner who earlier this week joined him at the helm of the Sayonara for the Fastnet race.

In the world of computers Mr Ellison has made almost a fetish of collaboration with other industry leaders such as his friend Steve Jobs of Apple Computer and Michael Dell's eponymous PC business.

In the waters off the Isle of Wight, Mr Ellison certainly deserved his break from work.

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